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20 years of experience before the start

In 2003, after 20 years of experience in exhibitions and exhibition construction, we recognized the need to develop a double-wall exhibition system for temporary use. We needed a robust, stable and easy system for uneven floors. An uncomplicated system that can solve all the fair stand problems. SpeedWall and SpeedFloor were born. To this day we have developed, produced and marketed our products.

30 employees who will take care of you

When SpeedDimension 2004 was founded in Höver near Hanover as a distributor of the Hoffmann services, it was clear that not only good products but also first-class hand workers and developers were needed to achieve our top performance. In our daily work, our employees combine the best of craftsmanship and engineering. Our professional employees consist of: architects, business engineers, designers, carpenters, wood technicians, business graduates, communication managers, event managers and technicians, logistical experts, and expert mechanics. Together they make customer wishes for trade shows and events as well as for shop fitting or showrooms true.

A thought: Green Spirit

For us, sustainability is not just a fashion word but an experienced corporate culture. For this, we rely on quality. Our products are - unlike in the usual industry – are products are not disposed after use. On the contrary: thanks to their enormous flexibility, you can reuse our system over and over again. Do you want to change your fair stand? No problem, the system can be extended and changed as required.

A frame for each use: The basic construction is compatible and can be repaired or replaced in the event of damage in parts, and can continue to be used. This means that on average, only 5% of a Speed Fair stand actually has to be disposed. This is how we define "sustainable".

100 Percent „Made in Germany“

Rio de Janeiro, Las Vegas, London, Hamburg – We are there for your projects wherever you need us. Our products are still produced entirely in our company and with our own production machines. This is the reason why we can be 100% sure to give you the maximum quality. We accompany each phase from development to completion and are therefore also able to act in the processes at any time in order to adapt the production processes if necessary to optimize them. As a result, we combine creativity, flexibility and speed with our experience, safety and efficient organizational structures - SpeedDimension "made in Germany".