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... The perfect double wall for a compatible partnership


  • Inner Values
    Any installation: electricity, electronics, telecommunication, sanitation will disappear invisibly in the wall thickness of 100 mm

  • Uncomplicated and Fast
    The frames are easily assembled with a steel clip. No special tools or prior knowledge is necessary with a set-up time of 3,5 min / m

  • Modular
    The frames can be combined side by side or on top of each other. Curved or round frames are also possible.  Any width, height (up to 9m)

  • Adaptable and flexible
    One frame for all applications: double-sided wall panels, integrated monitors, complete technical applications, backlit displays, seamless printed fabric graphics. Assembly formular: x m length and 5 m height

  • Solid and Durable
    Developed, produced and marketed in our company.  SpeedWall is available to rent or to purchase. All "made in Germany".

Our modular wall system ensures the WOW effect!

Build tool free, insert graphics all over the surface, and make an impression.

Construction SpeedWall / IAV

Our wall also has two sides

… and they can make an appearance

Quick and easy, flexible and adaptable - the two sides of SpeedWall. The technology is hidden in the background: electrical and other supply cables disappear completely in the system. Nothing disturbs the look at what really matters - your design. Full-color graphics make your content more effective and create an impression. The smart installation concept is suitable for small trade stands as well as for large double-story systems.



  • Brilliant large-area graphics from printed fabrics pulled tight over several frames
  • Maximum height 5 m, length as desired
  • No tucks: The fabric contains spandex
  • The very same frame for standard hardboard, decorative boards or fabric

  • Press the fabric at the venue into the frame
  • Printed seamless fabric as a favorable alternative to comparable panel variations
  • Also suitable for showrooms, lobbies, offices, shop fitting or as a professional pop-up replacement
  • Thanks to the use of steel feet, it is also possible to stand all by itself


One wall system with a maximum flexibility and a framework for all possibilities. When necessary, we can even build rounded frames. Would you like to have it again in writing? Please, below, there are the PDF files.

Catalog SpeedWall
With Speed in the Curve




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